Young Peoples

Our Teen Ministries consist of grade 7-12 and is referred to as the Youth Ministries or Young Peoples. The Young People meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00 p.m. for a time of Bible Study. We also have various events throughout the year:

  • Vacation Bible School (July)
  • Bible Camp (July & August)
  • Saturation Saturdays / Weekends (Spring & Winter)
  • Outdoor Thing (July)
  • YP Fall Fest (October)
  • YP Banquets / Skits (Every other Spring)
  • Boys Bible & Rec (Scheduled on some Thursday nights)
  • Girlship (Scheduled on some Thursday nights)

Ministry Staff

Kurt Witzig, Sonny and Yvonne Myers, Eli and Meghann Anderson, and Jeff Nicholls.

The Purpose of This Ministry

  1. Teach the Word of God
    • Wednesday night Bible Study – taught primarily by Kurt and Sonny with help from Jeff and Eli
    • Saturation Saturdays – Last year we taught Failure: The Back Door to Success and Proverbs
  2. Provide Evangelism Opportunities
    • Via special activities (fall hay ride, bowling night, summer camping trips etc).  These activities always include a time where the gospel is presented and they provide an opportunity for our teens to invite their unsaved friends to hear the gospel.
    • Via bi-weekly Bible And Rec nights.  The boys play floor hockey or other games from 7-9 PM with a 20 minute break where the gospel is presented.
    • Via summer fair outreaches, particularly the Crow Wing County Fair in Brainerd, MN.
  3. Provide Ministry Opportunities
    • Help with a daily vacation bible school that reaches out to children not connected with DBC.
    • Conduct semi-annual Family Banquets. This involves serving a meal and conducting entertaining musical programs.
  4. Provide Fun and Fellowship Opportunities
    • Occasional Friday night get-togethers. These are times of games, fun, food, singing, and devotion.
    • Bi-weekly fellowship nights for girls, offsetting the boys Bible and Rec nights.  These evenings meet in homes and include singing, ministry projects, and devotionals taught by Yvonne Myers and Melissa Resch. They also will occasionally have guest speakers from our church.
  5. Conduct Special Events
    • Bible camps and Daily Vacation Bible School classes.
    • The senior high group has an annual summer camping outing which includes much Bible study.
  6. Seek to be a resource for parents and families of teens
    • We want to remind parents they are always welcome at any event or activity we do!  We value your attendance and appreciate your help!