Survey Resources

Below is a downloadable PDF copy of “The Survey” and some supplemental resources. Click the image on the left to view the resource online or click “Download PDF” to save the file to your local PC. If you have an questions regarding these resources please Contact Us.

John 3:16 Diagrammed

Kurt Witzig demonstrates through PowerPoint how to diagram John 3:16. This is the method that we use during our Fair Evangelism, though it could be used in any witnessing situation if time permits.


The Survey

This is a two page spiritual viewpoint survey designed with the following in mind:

  1. To provide a better understanding of what people really think and believe about spiritual issues.
  2. To bring these spiritual issues to the forefront of people’s minds for their consideration.
  3. To become better acquainted with people and be available as an information resource in such matters.

Download The Survey

Truths One Must See and Believe in Order to be Saved

Have you ever wondered why Jesus Christ had to die? What is John 3:16 all about anyway? What does it mean to be “saved”? Is Heaven an earned reward or a free gift? This two page resource can be used to effectively illustrate the BAD NEWS – GOOD NEWS of the Bible and to demonstrate how Jesus Christ’s death on the cross at Calvary completely paid for the penalty of all of your sins when your simply trust in Him as your Savior.

Download The John 3:16 Diagram

Give Someone a Hand

This diagram presents the BAD NEWS – GOOD NEWS of the Bible using a hand to illustrate the five major points of this concept, including helpful verses:

  1. Bad News #1: You are a sinner before a holy God.
  2. Bad News #2: The penalty for your sin is death.
  3. Good News #1: God in His infinite love provided Jesus Christ Who died for you and paid your sin penalty.
  4. Good News #2: You can be saved from hell by depending upon Jesus Christ alone to save you.
  5. Good News #3: God wants you to know FOR SURE that you are saved and have eternal life.

Download Give Someone a Hand

What are you trusting in or relying upon to get into heaven?

This two page resource contrasts our natural religious thinking of works with the Bible’s message of grace. From our human viewpoint, we naturally think that there are “good works” that we have to perform in order to “earn” our way into heaven. This diagram display the Bible’s divine viewpoint of grace and helps to illustrate that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

Download What Are You Trusting?

The Scales of Sin

Most religions today are based on the human viewpoint that we earn our way into Heaven if we can get our “good works” to outweigh our “sins”. According to the Bible, Adam and Eve had to only sin once to get thrown out of the Garden of Eden and be separated from God. The diagram helps to illustrate the Biblical principle that to a Holy and Righteous God, one sin outweighs all of the good works we perform.

Download The Scales of Sin

Human Thinking vs. God’s Truth

Many people around the world “believe” in Jesus Christ. The question is, “what on you relying on for your salvation”? Natural human thinking is that Christ did 90% of what was necessary to pay for the penalty of sin and now man has to do his 10%. This diagram depicts the Biblical message of grace. and that it is God’s absolute truth that Jesus Christ’s death completely, 100% paid for the penalty of our sins and we are saved by grace alone, though faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

Download Human Thinking vs. God’s Truth

How Many Sins?

I’m not really that bad…. At least I’m not as bad as that guy…. How many sins have I done in my life? How many keep me from Heaven? Do you know that the Bible says that Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden of Eden for just one sin? This diagram helps depict just how sinful all men really are and how unrighteous we are before a holy God. It also illustrates that the Bible has no system for measuring sins vs. good woks.

Download How Many Sins?

Grace vs. Works

According to the Bible we are saved by “grace” alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. God saves according to unmerited favor because you are unworthy and have no ability whatsoever to save yourself. You can never, never earn it in any way; it is totally free with no strings attached! This is in contrast to the “works” viewpoint that God will save you in part because you have maintained your end of the bargain. You will merit at least part of your salvation because of your worthy continued faithfulness. This works viewpoint, sadly, will send you straight to Hell.

Download Grace vs. Works

Where Do Good Works Fit?

Again, according to the Bible we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone and God wants you to know FOR SURE that you are saved and have eternal life. Does this mean once saved you have a license to sin? A perpetual “get out of jail” free card? Do “good works” have a place? This diagram is a helpful resource to illustrate the place of good works in a Christian’s life.

Download Where Do Good Works Fit?

Family of God vs. Fellowship with God

According to the Bible a person is saved at the point in time when they put their trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and they can be assured that they are eternally secure. They are in the “family” of God and can never be cast out. Even after we are saved, however, we still have a sin nature and inevitably will sin. Was Jesus Christ’s work on the cross enough to pay for these future sins? What is the consequence of these sins? This resource depicts the difference between being in the “family” of God versus being in “fellowship” with God. When we sin, we still are “saved”, but our sin causes us to fall in and out of fellowship with God.

Download Family of God vs. Fellowship with God

The Error of Religion: The Cart Before the Horse

Do we receive salvation as a result of our “good works” or should “good works” be an outflow of our salvation? Most relgions today “get the cart before the horse” and create a checklist of “good works” that need to be performed in order to earn your way into Heaven. This is in direct opposition to the Bible which shows that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

Download The Error of Religion

Jesus Christ Paid for All Sins

Did Jesus Christ pay the penalty for all my sins or just the big ones? Or maybe just the little ones? I know Jesus Christ died on the crosss for my sins, but if I commit “whopper” sins won’t that affect my chances of going to Heaven. This two page diagram provides the Bible’s divine viewpoint that we have been justified by grace and forgiven of all of our trespasses.

Download Jesus Christ Paid for All Sins