leonard-radtkeThe roots of D.B.C. go back to a home Bible Study in Duluth during the Fall of 1973. The Study had as its Bible teacher Pastor Leonard Radtke of the Heritage Trail Bible Church in McKinley, Minnesota. This Thursday night Bible Study resulted in a growing number of people being saved by God’s grace and having an increased desire to learn more of God’s wonderful Word.

dennis-rokser-2In December of 1981, Pastor Radtke asked Dennis Rokser to drive down each Sunday in order to begin a Morning Service along with the Thursday night Bible Study. By God’s amazing grace, this ministry continued to see God’s blessing and became incorporated as a church in 1982.

After the Lord took Pastor Radtke home to heaven in December of 1982, Dennis took on more of the teaching responsibilities until he was called and installed as our pastor-teacher in May of 1985.

The spiritual pilgrimage of the believers at D.B.C. has resulted in both spiritual and numerical growth. This has caused us to out grow rented or leased facilities in the Kenwood, Lakeside and Woodland areas of Duluth. In April of 1994, we were able to purchase the former Washburn Elementary School to provide our church with a permanent residence for a number of years to come.